Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Tutorial - Cityscape at Night

Finally got around to writing a new Tutorial. This tutorial was written by me on 3rd January 2012 and is my own idea any resemblance is purely coincidental. All supplies were made by me unless stipulated, please direct people to my blog to download and they are not to be used in any other tutorial without asking first. Heres what we are going to be making
For this you will need
Psp and Animation shop, i am using psp9 but any psp will do
Tube of choice, i am using the awesome artwork of Keith Garvey, to use his work you need a license. You can get his tubes HERE
Plugin - Gradient Glow
Mura Meister-Copies
Cityscape Mask
Midnight Blue Gradient
Black and White Gradient
You can find the supplies HERE
Put Gradients into your Psp Gradient folder and Mask into your Mask folder
Font of choice - I used Amethyst Script
Animation of Choice-I used IgBlueBurst - By Lovey
You can get that HERE
Remember when downloading please leave some love, its nice to be nice

Ok lets get started

1. Open a new image 600x250

2. Paste tube close up as a new layer and resize by 85%. Copy and place to the right hand side of the image. Hide copy

3. Go back to the original tube layer, then go to Mura Meister copies, Wallpaper rotate default settings. Then Adjust Blur, Radial Blur with settings below:-

4. Add a new layer and flood fill with Midnight Blue gradient, then change the blend mode to Overlay.

5. Open the moon tube in Psp and copy then paste as a new layer in your image. Move to the lefthand side of the image.

6. Add a new layer and flood fill with the Black and White gradient. Go to layers Load/Save Mask-Load Mask from Disk and look for the Cityscape mask
Click load then delete mask layer merge group. Add a drop shadow of -1, 1, 60 and 2 to the mask layer.

7. Unhide your copy tube layer and add a medium Gradient Glow then Drop Shadow same as above.

8. Crop your image back to 600x250

9. Add a new layer then Selections select all, Modify-Contrast by 4. Selections invert and flood fill with #363690. Deselect.

10. Add your Copyright and License number then add your name using your preferred font and the same colour used for your frame.

If you don't want to animate save as a png image


11. Hide all your layers apart from Layer 1 and 2, these are your blurred tube layer and the Midnight blue layer.

12. Right click and Copy Merged. Take over to Animation shop and paste as a new animation.

13. Open your animation and if using the same as me resize 85% x 3.

14. Click back onto your image that you bought over from psp to make it active, then ctrl, shift and L and click on the L until you have 20 layers.

15. Click back onto the animation, Ctrl A, Ctrl C then click your image layers Ctrl A, Ctrl E. Place the animation near the middle of your image.

16. Back to Psp, hide layers 1 and 2 and unhide all other layers, Right click copy merged and take over to animation shop and paste as a new animation.

17. Make your image have 20 layers by Ctrl Shift and L, clicking the L till you have the layers you require.

18. Ctrl A, Ctrl C and click onto the animated background layers, Ctrl A, Ctrl E and place onto your background.

19. Check your animation and once your happy with it save as a Gif.

Thats it done, hope you enjoyed my tutorial and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask

Gem xxx


  1. I just wanted to let you know that you have won the free kit at my blog, the one where you voted for the color scheme. If you could please email me at so I can send you the kit. Thanks!

  2. Wow Cora i am totally Amazed thank you so very much
    Gem xx