Monday, 16 February 2015

An Update

A Wee Update 
Hi all have been busy with making scrap kits and putting Tut writing on the back shelf, but today i have found a new artist that i have fallen in love with. Her name is Rossana Castellino and her art is fab. She does mythical work with fairies and imps etc and she was the artist of the week at CDO so i bought some tubes to see if i would like her. OMG the idea's i have going on in my head for new tuts is crazy. Of course my favorite designer had a brilliant sale on her kits so i went shopping with the idea of getting kits to match some of Rossana's awesome works. 
I bought 4 gothic style kits from Tiny Turtle Designs which you can find HERE  and went through my Rossana tubes which you can find HERE and put tubes and kits together for writing up tutorials. 
So keep your eyes peeled for new tuts going up using both Tiny Turtle designs and Rossana Castellino as a beautiful partnership. 
Have to admit though i bought 14 kits from Tiny today and have put tubes to go with the kits also so for the next couple of weeks expect a lot of tuts using Tiny Turtle Designs, i just hope that you like my idea's and even though they are PTU i hope you can use my idea's with other kits, or do what i did and wait for Tiny's sales as they are awesome when she has them and stock up on your kits. 
Have a wonderful evening all
Stay safe
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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

FTU Heart Full of Love FTU

FTU Heart Full Of Love FTU

Finally got time to get my new kit finished, hope you like the finished result.
The colours for this kit are Silver and Pink and will go lovely with any of your valentine tags.
Preview below
You can download the kit HERE 
Remember to leave some love when you download its nice to be nice and only takes a second but lasts a lifetime.
Have fun and would love to see your results 
Sharon xxx