Monday, 19 January 2015

FTU Easy Lover Kit

FTU Easy Lover Scrapkit FTU
Finally finished my new kit ready for Valentine which is just around the corner. The Colours are Red and Purple, which are my two favourite colours. Hope you like it and can work your magic making plenty of valentine tags. My TOU are simple - No money to be made using my kits they are for personal use only.
Preview Below

You can download Here 
Remember to leave some Love, its only takes a second but lasts a lifetime. Have fun and would love to see your creations, so if you want to share email me or message me and i will get them added. 
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Friday, 16 January 2015

Valentine Masks

Valentine Masks

Hey my friends, hope all is well with you. Things here are a bit hectic and i needed something to take my mind off things going on in my new flat so i have been playing in Psp again and made some Valentine Masks. I have also finished the Valentine Kit i said i was making all i need to do now is get the previews sorted. The kit is Purple and Red, my two fav colours.
Anyway onto the masks, Preview is below. 
You can Download HERE
Please remember my TOU and a thank you wouldn't go a miss, it takes seconds but lasts a lifetime. 
Before i forget i have made some masks for Misfits Blog. They will be added at the end of January so keep eyes peeled for the link and a preview on here.
Stay safe everyone 

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Friday, 9 January 2015

Valentine Templates

Valentine Templates
Made some valentine templates to go with a kit i am in the process of making. Hope you can use them 
Preview below
You can download HERE 
If you download please remember to say thank you it only takes a second but lasts a lifetime
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Thursday, 8 January 2015

FTU Bellzibauble Kit

FTU Bellzibauble Kit FTU
Hey all as promised here is my Christmas Kit finally finished. Now i know Christmas has been and gone but am sure it will come in useful for this years festive period and its only 350 days till it hits us again.
Remember my terms of use, this is for personal use only and not for monetry gain.
Preview below 

You can Download HERE 
Remember to leave some love if you download, it only takes a second but lasts a lifetime
Have fun and would love to see your results 
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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Fight for the Boobies Tutorial

Fight for the Boobies
This tutorial was written by me Fairygem on the 26th November 2014 and is all my own creation. It is purely coincidental if it resembles any other tutorial and not intended.
For this tutorial you will need:-
Paint Shop Pro-I used Paint Shop Pro X5 but any version will work.
Tube of Choice-I used the free tube Ismael Rac gave away on his facebook Here-Thank you Ismael for sharing your brilliant work with us pspers.
Scrap kit of choice or mine – Boobies R Us which you can get Here
Mask of choice or the one I used -0mask011_lt, I can’t remember where I got this mask, but if you know please pm me so I can add the makers site to this tutorial.
No outside plugins
Font of choice or the one I am using Altast Greeting Here.

Lets begin
1. Open 750 x 600
2. Open Paper 6, then go to Palette and Pattern and find the paper. Scale size 100. Keep this in your foreground colour.
3. Go to your preset shapes and find the rectangle, on the top bar change your width to 25.
4. Close off your background colour and draw a rectangle in the middle of your layer.  Once happy covert to layer.
5. Add another layer then back to your rectangle, float, de float modify and expand by 5.
6. On your background colour change to #9629fb. Flood fill your new layer. Move this underneath your rectangle layer.
7. Back to your rectangle layer, go to 3D effects Inner bevel and use the settings below.
8. Merge the two layers together.
9. Duplicate and move to the left side, rotate free rotate 8. Duplicate the new rectangle and mirror moving to the right side. You should now have three frames.
10. Merge the frames together and with your magic wand click in the 3 frames.
11. Open Paper 5 copy and paste as a new layer, invert and delete the overhanging paper. De select.
12. Take your magic wand and click inside your left frame, Copy and paste your tube into the frame putting the writing in the middle. Invert Delete and deselect.
13. Follow instructions for the right frame as above.
14. Take your magic wand again and click inside the middle frame, Copy and Paste your tube into the layer placing her face into the frame. Invert and Delete. Deselect.
15. On your frame layer give a drop shadow of -2, 2, 50 and 5 colour black.
16. Open the Ballerina Shoes, resize by 65% and place in the middle of the left frame where it meets the middle frame.
17. Duplicate and mirror placing in the middle of the right and middle frame. Merge the two layers together and give a drop shadow, the one we previously used.
18. Open the Butterfly Ribbon and resize by 55%. Copy and Paste into the middle frame. Give the same drop shadow previously used.
19. Open your Tube and resize by 42% copy and paste as a new layer placing in the middle but slightly to the right.  Sharpen the tube. Give it the same drop shadow as previously used. 
20. Make the first layer active. On your colour palette change the foreground to #ff5990 and your background colour to #9629fb. Change your colours to a foreground/background gradient angle 45 repeats 3. Flood fill your layer.
21. Load Mask with settings below. Delete mask layer and Merge group.
22. Make your frame layer active. Open the trail element. Resize by 60%. Copy and paste placing at the bottom of the frames.
23. Make your top layer active, open Sparkle 1 and resize by 90%. Copy and Paste placing to the left side of the tag, duplicate and mirror moving slightly more to the right.  Merge the two layers together.
24. Add your name using a font that you like or the one I have used.
25. Add copyright and save as a png.
Hope you have enjoyed my tut and kit. I would love to see your results so please feel free to email them to me.
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FTU Breast Cancer Awareness - Boobies R Us

FTU Boobies R Us FTU

As Promised here is my Breast Cancer Awareness kit which i have called Boobies R Us. 
This kit is Free to use but please follow my TOU.
I have also written a tutorial using the kit which will be posted in a few.
Preview below

You can download it 
If you download remember to leave some love it only takes a second but lasts a lifetime. 
Have fun with the kit and i would love to see your results so if you would like pm me and i will add them to my blog
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Been Offline

Happy New Year my fellow Bloggers, May 2015 be good to you all. 
I haven't been online since the 7th November and its killed me i can tell you. Stupid Sky who i have been with for 6 years decided that they were going to charge me £100 to get an engineer out to connect my phone line and broadband, i was like Hello i've been with you for years and now your charging me because i have moved, and all the engineer would need to do is plug two cables in No Way not going to happen. Trying to find a new supplier turned into a nightmare then when i finally find one they can't connect me till the 19th December. Anyway that day finally arrived and as i was setting up my laptop to be able to go online i got a nasty bitching virus that was deleting files etc, so turned laptop off and had to put it in the shop to get it fixed. So much for my anti virus!!!!. 
Finally got my laptop back yesterday and started the hassle of setting it up for internet and it wouldn't work!. I sat for four hours yesterday trying everything to no avail so gave up and went to bed. Started again today even phoning my brother who's a whizz with computers and even he was confused as to why i couldn't open a browser. My Skype was working fine and internet on my mobile too but couldn't open a browser window on here. After another couple of hours trying i had a brain wave - Yes i have them now and then lol - I decided to turn off Norton and see if that would work and well as you can see it did. Norton was blocking websites opening so i had to disable it from doing that. But at least its working now and have sorted Norton out too. I know its supposed to protect my laptop but bloody hell its not supposed to stop me getting online full stop!. 
While i have been offline i have made a new Breast Cancer Awareness kit and done a tut which i will be posting in a few. And i am in the process of finishing a Christmas Kit too. I know they are late going up but hopefully you can use them later on this year. 
Thanks for reading 
Stay safe 
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