Monday, 18 January 2016

FTU-The Mask Within-FTU

FTU – The Mask Within – FTU
 photo the mask within tag.png
This tutorial was written by me Fairygem on the 18th January 2016 and is all my own creation. Any resemblance to other tutorials is purely co-incidental and not intended.
For this tutorial you need to have a working knowledge of layers, Masks and plugins.
You will need :-
Paint Shop Pro-I am using X5 but any version will work.
Tube of Choice-I am using the awesome art of Arthur Crowe a new tube called Nightflower-You can get this HERE but please do not use the same tube as me without a proper license.
Scrapkit of Choice-I am using a beautiful kit by Tasha’s Playground called Broken Dreams which you can find HERE.
Mask of Choice-I am using Vix bigmask005 which you can find HERE.
Sparkles of Choice-You can find a lot on Deviantart just search for sparkles.
Font of Choice-I am using Alex Brush which you can find HERE.
Outside Plugins:-
EyeCandy 5-Perspective Shadow
Eye Candy 5-Gradient Glow
Ok lets begin……..
1.  Open new image 650x650. We can resize when finished.
2.  Open Paper 1, resize 90%.  Copy and Paste as a new layer. Find Mask and load, delete and merge group.
3.  Open Frame 3, copy and paste as a new layer. With the Magic Wand click inside the frame and expand by 10.
4. Open Paper 6 and resize by 85% twice. Copy and paste as a new layer, selections Invert and delete excess paper. Move this layer below the frame.
5.  Go back to the frame layer and give it a dropshadow of 6, -2, 35 and 4.93.
6. Open your tube and if using the same tube as me choose what colour you would like the dress to be, I chose Silver as it goes with the kit perfectly. Copy and Paste the tube as a new layer, and resize by 70%.
7. Go to your freehand selections and draw around the puffy part of the dress, see my image to help with the selection. Delete this part of the dress then move into position. I moved mine to the bottom left of the frame.
 photo Freehand Preview.png
8.  Sharpen the tube and add a dropshadow. I used Eye Candy5 Perspective Shadow with the settings below:-
 photo Perspective Shadow preview1.png
9.  Open Pillows Element, Copy and Paste as a new layer and move to right side of frame bottom. Give a dropshadow previously used.
10.  Open Clock Element and resize by 90%. Copy and Paste as a new layer moving it behind the pillows. Give a dropshadow previously used.
11. Open Bottle Element and resize by 55%. Copy and apste as a new layer moving to the centre bottom of the frame. Give a dropshadow previously used.
12.    Open Flower 1 and resize by 75%. Copy and Paste as a new layer moving to bottom left. Duplicate and mirror placing next to each other (see my tag for reference). Merge together and give a dropshadow previously used.
13.      Open Hairpin Element and resize by 80%. Copy and Paste as a new layer moving to the top right corner of the frame. Go to free rotate 14% right. Make sure all layers is unchecked. Sharpen.
14.   Open Butterfly Element and resize by 65%. Copy and Paste as a new layer placing on the hairpin. Sharpen and give dropshadow previously used.
15.   Open Ribbon Element and resize by 55%. Copy and Paste as a new layer placing under the butterfly.
16.    Open Candle Element and resize by 65%. Copy and Paste as a new layer placing in front of the pillows. Sharpen and give dropshadow previously used.
17.     Open Goblet Element and resize by 70%. Copy and Paste as a new layer placing it next to the candle element. Sharpen and give dropshadow as previously used.
18.      Add a new layer and find your sparkles brush. Change your foreground colour to white #fffff. Add your sparkle covering your tube slightly and more onto the elements.
19.      Add your copyright and relevant license number.
20.  Go to fonts and find your Alex Brush font. Add your name then give it a gradient glow settings as below.
 photo gradient glow preview.png
Save as a PNG
That’s it we are done I hope you found my tutorial easy to follow. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I would love to see your results so that I can share them on here.

Been A While

Been a While
So sorry things have stopped here since October but i have been really down since losing Mum to cancer in Feb last year and the closer it got to Christmas the more i withdrew from Online and Psp. Christmas was so hard buying presents for everyone but Mum and though we had a quiet Christmas here at home it was still strange knowing Mum wasn't there to celebrate with us. Dad bought us the most precious gift, well all the lassies in the family. When Mum passed the funeral home took a fingerprint of Mum's index finger and Dad got it made into a beautiful silver necklace for us. The pendant is in the shape of a tear on engraved on the back was a personal message from Mum. As we all opened our presents we sat and cried the four of us in awe as to the beautiful gift. In a way it made Christmas day a bit more bearable. My brother was heading down to Newcastle for Hogmanay and New Year so the girls and i decided we would head up to Aberdeen to be with Dad so that he wasn't alone. My niece was already there having spent Christmas with Dad and Chris but we wanted the house to be full of noise so it wouldn't be so bad on him. It turned out to be a good Hogmanay and New year, we played games talked about Mum and toasted her and others that have gone as the bells rang. We had lost Dad's best friend and my Uncle, Dad's brother during 2015 so it had really been a hard year for us all. Hayley my eldest daughter stayed at home as her partner was working and she was supposed to be helping out some people, plus she was looking after my dog while we were away. She came up on New years day with the grandbabies which my Dad was over the moon to see and of course my grandson loves his Great and couldn't stop cuddling him. Dad said it made his Christmas and New Year seeing all the family even for a couple of hours. 
Anyway i haven't touched Psp or come online properly till now and i think the break has done me the world of good as i feel ready to start creating again. 
Keep an eye on things as there will be some new templates, masks and Tutorials coming up.
Thanks for being so patience with me and a big thank you to all those that have helped me through all this.
Sharon/Gem xxxx 

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Halloween Templates

Halloween Templates

Hey all here are the templates for Halloween. I hope you make some brilliant tags using them. I would love to see your work so please feel free to email me so that i can get them posted. 
These templates are all my own idea so please do not copy and say they are your own work. 
If you download please leave a wee thanks it takes a second but lasts a lifetime.
Heres the preview of the Templates - There are five in total
 photo Template Preview.png

You can download them 
Have fun 
Sharon/Gem xx

Halloween Fun - New Halloween Masks

Hi all, i hope everyone is getting ready for Halloween and having fun picking out the Pumpkins, and getting them there Ghouls ready for the bairns coming round for Candy. 
I made some new Halloween Masks and am in the middle of making some template too so keep checking back.
Here is a preview of the Masks there are 6 in total

 photo FG Mask Preview.png

You can download them 
Please remember to leave some love when downloading it only takes a minute but lasts a lifetime.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Having a wee rant!!!

Sorry i am coming on here to have a major rant and i hope i don't upset people with this rant if so a big sorry to those whom i love and care about.
At the moment in America a video is going round of a nasty wee girl beating up on her so called friend, dragging her by the hair onto the asphalt and kicking utter shit out of this poor wee thing. 
What this girl did is despicable and she is being charged to the max for her actions over a stupid hoodie. 
Now here is where my rant begins. 
The mother of this girl put on facebook that if people had a problem with her daughter then to meet her at a place so she could 'kill them if needed'. I myself am a mother and would of done the same if people were threatening any of my kids with death, being beaten up badly etc. But what she did is called a spur of the moment madness. 
Now if this girl was any of my three daughters i would of blackened her ASS with my hand so she wouldn't be able to sit for a year never mind a day and i would of made her apologize for her actions. But this mother did none of this and well people can be dang cruel with their words and actions.
The mother and her daughter have been given death threats over the internet and facebook and when the cyber bullying is mentioned that person is a psycho schizophrenic or better yet in my case i am a crap mother because my arse of a husband walked out on my daughters and has no contact with them. 
Being divorced, separated etc does not make a bad person and anyone can go look at a persons' profile on FB and get the little average message that the person put up about themselves. 
I have had two people square me down because my Ex walked out and because i 'stuck up' for this mothers actions. 
The first one went onto my FB and got my details then proclaimed that my ex walked out to get someone smarter!!!! 
The second one put that one of the people trying to get through to people that what they are doing is cyber bullying is called a psycho schizophrenic for no other reason that what he is saying is true. I then asked this person if she was St J*de to which i got the first lot of abuse then she came on and followed on with the abuse about me being a single parent. 
OMG why do people do this is that the best they can do when they don't like what people are saying. This wee girl is only 22/23 and thinks she knows the world better than anyone and her mother taught her the difference between right and wrong as a single parent yet my own Children and those who know me know my kids weren't bought up right because my ex husband walked away. If that is the way her mother bought her up she must be so bloody proud because she can dis and threaten anyone that she doesn't like and slander them and thats ok coz she was bought up right!!!!
Hello if my kids ever threatened someone they didn't know wish them dead they are scum a CUNT and i use that word loosely as its my one pet hate word i would beat the crap out of them then make them retract what they have put on. 
ok rant over and again if i have offended anyone i apologize from the bottom of my heart i do not like to offend or preach to anyone without first preaching to myself
Hugs to all 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

PTU Once Upon a Time PTU

PTU  Once Upon a Time  PTU
 photo Jennonceuponatime1.png
This tutorial was written by me Sharon/Fairygem on the 24th March 2015 and is all my own creation. Any resemblance to other tutorials is purely coincidental and not intended.
For this tutorial you will need to have a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro and using layers.
You will need:-
Scrap Kit I am using a beautiful new Kit by Ginnibug Designs called Once Upon a Time You can get this kit HERE or HERE
Tube of Choice I am using a beautiful tube by Joanne Schempp called Daisy Fairy which you can buy and CDO HERE
Mask of Choice I am using Gems Mask 171 which you can get HERE
Font of Choice I am using Aphrodite Slim Pro which you can get HERE
Eye Candy Impact Gradient Glow
Ok Lets Begin

1. Open new image 600x600
2. Open Paper 17 and Resize by 75% then 85%. Copy and Paste as a new layer. Layers Load Mask and find the mask you are using, Delete and Merge Group.
3. Open Element 51 and Resize by 50%. Copy and Paste as a new layer. Mirror and Move to the right side of the image. Sharpen then add a drop shadow of 2, 2, 50, 5.92 black.
4. Open Element 11 and Resize by 45%, Copy and Paste as a new layer moving to the middle right of the image. Sharpen and add drop shadow previously used.
5. Open Element 39 and Resize by 85%. Copy and Paste placing at the bottom of the image. Sharpen.
6. Open your Tube, Copy and Paste as a new layer moving to the left side of the image. Add a drop shadow previously used.
7. Open Element 36 and Resize by 50%, Copy and Paste placing bottom right of the image. Sharpen and add Drop Shadow.
8. Open Element 52 and Resize by 20% then 70%. Copy and Paste as a new layer placing at the bottom right side. Duplicate and move it slightly higher, Duplicate and Resize again by 80% moving slightly over to the right, Duplicate and move to the centre. See my tag for placement if you get confused, its alright am confused and I just did it lol. Merge all the roses together, Sharpen and give Drop shadow previously used.
9. Open Element 9 and Resize by 15%, Copy and Paste as a new layer placing to the left side of the tube, duplicate and move it slightly more over to the left. Merge Down and Sharpen, giving the same drop shadow previously used.
10. Open Element 57 and Resize by 15% then 85%, Copy and Paste as a new layer placing bottom right of tube, duplicate and resize again by 90%   moving to the left side of tube. Merge down and Sharpen and give drop shadow previously used.
11. Open Element 37 and Resize by 25%, Copy and Paste as a new layer placing to the right of the tube in between the unicorn and tube. Sharpen and give Drop Shadow previously used.
12. Open Element 41 and Resize by 50%, Copy and Paste as a new layer placing over the unicorn. Sharpen and give same Drop Shadow.
13. Open Element 10 and Resize by 80%, Copy and Paste so that its central in the image. Sharpen.
14. Add your Copyright and License.
15. Add your name using colour # 991741 and give a Gradient glow with settings below. Add Drop Shadow.
 photo Gradient Glow Once Upon a Time.png
Save as a PNG.
Thats it were done hopefully you followed the tutorial ok and didnt have a problems. I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions please Email me, i would also love to see your creations and put them on my blog too so again please email me your results.