Thursday, 23 May 2013

Summertime Blues Template

Summertime Blues Template

We are nearly at the end of May and summer hasn't really hit us here in Scotland though we've had a few nice days. The blues have really hit me bad to the point that i made a template for you to use if you feel the same way lol
Heres the preview
 photo SummertimeBluesTemplatePreview.png
and you can download 
Remember if you download leave a thank you it only takes a second but lasts a lifetime
Gem xxx

Morning Star Template

Was busy making tags when a template popped into my head so i just had to make it 
Here it is 
 photo MorningStartemplatePreview.png
Hope you like and can find something to make using it
You can download it HERE
Have fun and Remember if you download leave a little love only takes a second but lasts a lifetime
Gem xx

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hey my fellow Bloggers, i've been a bit absent at the moment my eldest daughter is due her baby any day now and she's been having a bit of a rough time with the whole pregnancy too much to go into but its kept me off the internet and doing tuts etc for awhile now. Please bare with me i am gonna be writing some new tuts over the weekend and i am looking into some more templates and scrapkits that i can get into making as well. I am also looking for somewhere to live too, we are staying with my eldest and much as i love her to bits a two bedroom flat isn't big enough for 5 almost 6 people and 7 whenever my fiancee is off work and comes down. We have seen a beautiful three bedroom house not far from here, it has everything we need and when we went to view it it was like coming home. We've got appointment with the bank next week to see if we can get a mortgage so keep fingers crossed for me please. 
Will keep you all informed but till then please don't disappear on me 
Gem xx