Saturday, 14 May 2011

Got a new Laptop

Hey all, am not around much at the moment with everything thats going on, my Mum had her operation and was getting sorted taking steps forward one day at a time then the poop hit the fan and she took ten steps back taking reactions to Morphine then not being able to keep her food down since she had her operation aswell, but fingers crossed things are starting to look up. My sister and I are heading back up to Abderdeen next Thursday for a long weekend, tickets are booked for the bus, my new laptop will be fully charged so that i can use it on the three hour journey and we arrive in Aberdeen at midnight. Speaking of my new Laptop, i have the bestest eldest daughter in the world, she went out and bought me the new Dell Inspiron M105R, its like a teal Blue colour which is the colour of my bedroom and i love it. Its a 4gb memory and 520gb hard drive with Window's 7. I certainly need all that space and am loving Window's 7 now that i have my psp9 downloaded and all my plugins are working so i will get to creating more stuff for you all soon i promise.
Ok suppose i have rattled on long enough take care all that come in stay safe and keep smiling
Gem xx