Friday, 25 November 2016

Snow Glistens

Snow Glistens
This tutorial was written by me fairygem/Sharon on the 25th November 2016 and is all my own creation and idea. Any resemblance to another tutorial is coincidental and not intended.
For this tutorial you will need a working knowledge to Paint Shop Pro and working with layers.
You will need:-
Paint Shop Pro – I use X5 but any version will work
Scrapkit of Choice – I am using a beautiful kit by Jenn at Ginnibug Designz. You can buy this kit at Hania’s Design HERE
Tube of choice – I am using an awesome tube by Very Many. You must have a license to use her art which you can find HERE
Mask of choice – I am using one by Trese – TreseMask112. You can find the mask HERE
Sparkles - You can get a lot of lovely sparkles on Deviantart, just put in sparkles and loads will come up
Font of Choice
Ok lets begin
1.   Open image 600x600
2.   Open Paper Sp9 and resize by 85%. Copy and paste as a new layer. Layers Load mask from Disc and load your mask up. Delete and merge image.
3.   Open Se49 and copy and paste as a new layer moving slightly down and to the right of image.
4.   Open Se27 and resize by 55% and copy and paste as a new layer moving behind Se49 and over to the left.
5.   Open Se90 and resize by 55%. Copy and paste placing behind Se49 and over to the right. Now Select float, defloat and taking your eraser click onto Se49 and erase the part of the bush in front of the deer. Once happy deselect.
6.   Open your tube and if using same as me resize by 45% then 75%, I always tend to resize twice as it doesn’t distort the tube. Copy and paste as a new layer moving over to the left side of your image. Mirror and give dropshadow of V-1, H7, Opacity 35 and Blur 9.83 Black. Take your eraser tool and tidy up the bottom of the image where her dress and cape are hanging down.
7.    Click on the top layer in your pallet. Open Se10 and resize by 35% then 70%. Copy and paste placing over to the right of the image.
8.   Open Se15 and resize by 35%. Copy and paste as new layer moving next to the parcel.
9.   Open Se20 and resize by 35%. Copy and paste as a new layer moving to the right side of the parcel.
10.                      Now give all layer bar your mask and tube layers a dropshadow of V-1 H2 Opacity 45 Blur 7.20 Black.
11.                      Go to Paintbrush and find your sparkle, Change your colour pallet to #4a95fe. Add a new layer and play around with the sparkle adding a few touches here and there, remember this is your tag this tutorial is just a guideline.
12.                      Add your name with the same colour then and copyright and license.
13.                      Save as a PNG
That’s it we are done. Hope you found my tutorial easy to follow. I would love to see your results so they can be added to my blog so please feel free to email or pm me.
Thanks so much

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