Monday, 18 January 2016

Been A While

Been a While
So sorry things have stopped here since October but i have been really down since losing Mum to cancer in Feb last year and the closer it got to Christmas the more i withdrew from Online and Psp. Christmas was so hard buying presents for everyone but Mum and though we had a quiet Christmas here at home it was still strange knowing Mum wasn't there to celebrate with us. Dad bought us the most precious gift, well all the lassies in the family. When Mum passed the funeral home took a fingerprint of Mum's index finger and Dad got it made into a beautiful silver necklace for us. The pendant is in the shape of a tear on engraved on the back was a personal message from Mum. As we all opened our presents we sat and cried the four of us in awe as to the beautiful gift. In a way it made Christmas day a bit more bearable. My brother was heading down to Newcastle for Hogmanay and New Year so the girls and i decided we would head up to Aberdeen to be with Dad so that he wasn't alone. My niece was already there having spent Christmas with Dad and Chris but we wanted the house to be full of noise so it wouldn't be so bad on him. It turned out to be a good Hogmanay and New year, we played games talked about Mum and toasted her and others that have gone as the bells rang. We had lost Dad's best friend and my Uncle, Dad's brother during 2015 so it had really been a hard year for us all. Hayley my eldest daughter stayed at home as her partner was working and she was supposed to be helping out some people, plus she was looking after my dog while we were away. She came up on New years day with the grandbabies which my Dad was over the moon to see and of course my grandson loves his Great and couldn't stop cuddling him. Dad said it made his Christmas and New Year seeing all the family even for a couple of hours. 
Anyway i haven't touched Psp or come online properly till now and i think the break has done me the world of good as i feel ready to start creating again. 
Keep an eye on things as there will be some new templates, masks and Tutorials coming up.
Thanks for being so patience with me and a big thank you to all those that have helped me through all this.
Sharon/Gem xxxx 

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