Friday, 9 November 2012

Let it Snow

Let it Snow
I wrote this tutorial on the 9th November 2012 and it is my own ideas. Any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental and not intended.
For this tutorial you will need a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro and working with layers.
You will need
Paint Shop Pro Any version though I am using Psp 9
A tube of choice I am using the artwork of Keith Garvey you must have a license to use his art. You can find him HERE
Scrapkit-I am using Fantasy Moments Winter Fun which you can find HERE
Mask I am using Mask 22 by Brutal Designs HERE
Font of Choice or the one I am using Frosty which you can find HERE
Plugins Vanderlee Snowscape Eyecandy Impact Gradient Glow
Ok Lets begin
Open a new image 600 x 600
Open your Scrapkit and find Paper 6, Open in Psp copy and Paste as a new Layer.
Layers Load Mask from Disk and find Mask 22. Apply, then delete mask and merge group.
Open Element 10, copy and paste as a new layer on your working image, resize by 85% and place to the right side of your tag.
Take your magic wand and click inside the frame, Expand by 5.
Open Paper 3, copy and paste as a new layer below the frame, Invert and delete.
Do not deselect yet. Open your image of choice and place in the frame above the paper, delete any bits that are hanging over the frame.
Do not deselect yet. Find the close up of your tube, copy and paste into the frame resize if you wish to, I resized by 65% and placed at the right side of the frame so you can still see the image.
Now you can deselect.
Copy and paste your main tube to the left side of your image resize by 90%.
Click on your Frame layer and apply Vanderlee Snowscape with the settings below

Open Element 1 resize by 45%. Copy and Paste as a new layer and place at the bottom of your frame on the right side See my tag for reference.
Open element 16 and resize by 30%, copy and paste as a new layer and place on the top right of the frame. Image rotate free rotate and rotate by 12% right.
Open element 47, resize by 55% copy and paste as a new layer placing between the first snowman and your tube.
Add your copyright and licence number if required.
Add your name or the name you are using to your tag using the frosty font
Apply Eyecandy Impact Gradient Glow to your text using the settings below

Save as a png
Thats it were done.Hope you found my tut easy to follow if youve any questions dont hesitate to ask
Gem xxx 

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