Monday, 26 November 2012

Fairytale of New York


This tutorial was written by me on November 26th 2012. I first had the idea of the tutorial last year but never had the time to write it so here I am now finally catching up on myself.
For this tutorial you will have to have a working knowledge of Masks and layers.

For this tutorial you will need

Paint Shop pro or whatever your program you use I am using PSP 9
A Tube of Choice I am using one from Alex Prihodko called Snow Girl and you can find it HERE

Including in the folder is Three Gradients made by Me
A Santa in front of the moon (I dont know where it came from so if this is your please let me know and I will credit you or take it down)
Wreath on a Lamp post (Again if this is yours please let me know so I can credit you or take it down)
My Cityscape Mask (Place this into your psp mask folder)

Plugins needed for this tutorial are as follows:
Filters Unlimited Special Effects 1 Blurred Mesh
Mura Meister Copies --  Wallpaper Rotate
Xero - Sparkle
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Fonts of Choice or the ones I used
For the saying Angelica  HERE
For the name Aquarelle HERE

Ok lets begin
1.     Open your supplies in PSP.

2.    Open your workspace For the timeline you will need 800 x 300, this Is the size you will need for your timeline space.

3.      On your First layer floodfill with one of the gradient I have supplied.

4.      Add new layer and add the black/grey gradient. Layers add load mask from disk.

5.      Delete the mask layer and merge group.

6.     Add your tube and go to and add mura Meister copies, Wallpaper Rotate settings as below. You might need to tweak how many copies you want just make sure you fill the whole layer.

7.      Now go to Adjust Blur and find your Motion Blur. Have your settings sitting as mine are below.

8.     Repeat the blur.

9.     Change the blend mode on your blur layer to overlay.

10.    Copy your Santa moon tube and place it behind the cityscape near the left side of the workplace.

11.      Click onto the Gradient layer and go to plugins and find your Xero Sparkle. Add with the settings below.

12.     Copy your tube and place to the right side of your layer. This is best used with a close up tube. Change the blendmode to overlay.

13.     Now with the Angelica font type out the saying, Mine I took from the Song Fairytale of New York, the words are as follows The boys from the NYPD Choir were singing Galway Bay and the bells were ringing out for Christmas Day.  Place it above your tube close up layer .Once done change to a raster layer and change the opacity to 83.

14.     Copy your Lamp post tube and place to the left side of your workspace.

15.     Copy and paste your tube to the left side leaving enough lamp showing so that you can see it.

16.    Crop your layer back to 800x300 and add a new layer. Selections select all, modify and contrast by 6. Invert and floodfill with a colour of choice. Add the Bevel used below and deselect.

17.     Add your copyright, remember with Timeline Facebook ask that you not give the address due to adult content. Most artists are ok with this  but please check their TOU.

18.    Now with the Aquarelle font add your name and whatever else you would like to say

19.     Add a gradient glow to your name using the settings below

20.  Add a drop shadow of 2, -2, 30 and 5

Thats it were done.
Hope you find my tutorial easy enough to follow
If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask
Gem xxx

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