Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sorry again, Real Life being a B*tch at the moment

Hi everyone sorry i haven't been in for ages, real life is being a total b*tch to me health wise and mentally aswell. My mental health at the moment is rock bottom and my bipolar is playing up so much and i have started self harming again. Also at the moment i am going through lots of tests and a scope as i have problems in my stomach and duodenum and they want to do a biopsy as i have swellings there and they don't know what they are at the moment. I will be going through another scope by the end of April which i am not looking forward to but know i have to have it done. On a good note my disability money finally got sorted out and i got a lump sum back payment so i went out and bought a new corner suite for my living room and new furniture aswell. My suite should be here next week so i am quite excited about that. When the doctor came out he examined me and then told me i needed to have grab rails put in to help me out of bed and into the bath, a seat aswell for the bath and to get round my house a zimmer frame, i'm only 42 so you can imagine how i felt when told about the zimmer. I've been keeping my crutches very close and using them all the time which of course upsets my 20 month old grandson because i can't stand and give him cuddles anymore i have to be sat down. Anyway enough of my blabbing i am in the middle of writing a new tutorial using Purples Self Injury kit which of course means alot to me so keep a look out for that it should be posted tomorrow.
Have a safe and happy Sunday
Gem xxx

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