Monday, 30 September 2013

SCROOGED - Old Skool Tutorial

Old Skool Tutorial
This tutorial was written by Me on the 30th September 2013 and is all my own idea. Any resemblance to other tutorials is purely co-incidental and not intended.
For this tutorial you will need to have a knowledge of working with layers, plugins and paint shop pro. No outside scraps are used in this tutorial.
What you need:-
Paint shop pro – I am using psp 9 but any psp will work
Psp filters
Fine Leather
Outside plugins
Tramage – Tow the Line – Dots and Cross
Dbs Flux – Bright Noise
Mura Meister – Tone
Tube of Choice I am using Dave Nestler, to use his work you need a license which you can get at CDO HERE
My Template 2 which you can get HERE
Ok lets begin
 1. Open my template, shift D and delete the original.
 2. Delete the TOU layer.
 3. Merge down the Right and Left oval. Selections float, defloat and flood fill with a colour from your tube, I used #82767e.
 4. Duplicate the layer and on the original go to Gaussian Blur 10. Then add Mura Meister Tone.
5. Go to the original and Select float, defloat, then expand by 5, back to the original and invert delete. This will get rid of the hanging tone.
 6. Back to the copy and go to Tramage Tow the line with the default settings.
 7. Highlight  Large rectangle select float, defloat and flood fill with a colour of choice or I used #af85a2.
 8. Effects texture effects, blinds with these settings:- Width 2, Opacity 30, Colour Black, Horizontal and Light from left/top Checked.
 9. Back to effects, blinds but unchecking horizontal. Deselect.
 10. Merge down Top left circle with bottom right circle. Select float, defloat and flood fill with #564f5b or a colour of choice. Go to effects, texture effects Fine Leather using these settings, Colour #dcdcdc, Angle 30, Blur 40, Transparency 250, Number of Furrows 40 and Length of Furrows 4. Deselect.
 11. Merge together Top right rectangle and bottom left rectangle, select float, defloat and flood fill with a colour of choice I am using #cbcdd3.
 12. Effects Dots and Cross default settings. Deselect.
 13. Select the main square, float, defloat and flood fill with a colour of choice or the one I am using, #949198.
 14. Effects Texture effect Weave with the following settings, Gap size 2, Width 6, Opacity 1, Weave and Gap colour White, Fill Gap checked. Do not deselect yet.
 15. Open your tube Copy and paste as a new layer into the main square,invert and delete the overhanging tube. Add a dropshadow  3, 3, 50 and 5, colour Black.  Deselect.
 16. Highlight the snowflake layer, select float, defloat, effects Dbs Flux Bright noise, Intensity 76 Mix. Add the same dropshadow previously used.
 17.  Add your copyright and whatever watermark you use.
 18. Add your name with your font of choice, I used Viner Hand ITC and give a Gradient Glow with the following settings below

 19. Save as a png.
20. That’s it we’re done I hope you found this easy to follow and enjoyed going back to the old skool way.
Gem/Sharon xx

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