Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A New hobby

Hi everyone haven't been on for a few days ok nearly a fortnight but i've been busy. We are moving house again, the girls and I are moving into a bungalow hopefully next weekend (14th). It will make life alot easier for me with no 45 stairs to struggle up if i go out and tidying up will become a breeze too, everything will be on the same level.
Ok i have a new hobby, making Cluster frames. I am using some awesome scrapkits by some brilliant people but i will tell you who made the scrapkits when i post the frames. I have also decided to look into making Scrapkits aswell but that will be once the move is over and done with. Ok it means buying elements etc but hey i don't go out, don't drink and i've got so many tubes (well a girl can't have enough) to last me a lifetime and more. So keep your eyes peeled hopefully by the end of the month i will have a new kit up. I will still be making Templates and Masks etc but my mind needs some mojo juices running through it so thought this would help a bit.
Ok onto the first Cluster Frame - This is called Eve's Garden and is made using a PTU kit by Alika Scraps.
Preview Below
You can download HERE
Remember to leave some love if you download it only takes a second but lasts a lifetime and Have loads of fun
Gem xxx

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