Saturday, 9 April 2011

Natural Beauty

Have written a tutorial with a fab kit i found at Fantasy Moments, its Called Natural Beauty and i hope you like trying it out. This tutorial was written by Me 26th March 2011 and is my own idea's. What you make using this tutorial is your's as long as its not for monetary gain.
Here we go:-
Needed for this tutorial
A tube of Choice, i am using the awesome artwork of ©Ismael Rac and you can find his tubes HERE. Please do not use his art unless you hold a license to do so.

Scrapkit is Naturality by Fantasy Moments you can find HERE Please leave some love if you download it only takes a few seconds and its nice to be nice.

Mask By Vix 363 which you can find HERE Scroll down to the middle of the page to find this mask.
Wordart is my own creation its saved in png so just right click and save

Font is Marketing Script which you can find HERE
Ok lets begin.

Open a New image 600x500.
Open paper 25 from scrapkit and resize by 85% copy and paste as new raster layer.
Layers load mask from disk and find Vix 363. Load, delete and merge group
Open Element 5, resize by 45%. Copy and paste as new raster layer. Move to top left hand corner, giving it a drop shadow of 3, 3, 37, and 2. Duplicate, mirror, flip and move to bottom right hand corner. Merge these two layers down.

Open Element 30, resize by 65% and place the frame in the middle of the layer.

With magic wand click inside frame to get the marching ants, expand by 4.

Open Paper 15, resize by 85%, copy and paste as new layer, invert and delete. Deselect.
Move this layer below the frame layer.

Highlight frame layer and give the frame a drop shadow of 3, 3, 37, and 2.

Select paper layer again, go to selections float, defloat and copy your tube close up onto paper. Invert and delete any tube hanging over. Lower the opacity to 45%.

Copy and paste full tube as new layer, Mirror and place to the right hand side. (At this point i resized my tube by 95% you can do this if you are using the same tube or wish to).

Give tube a drop shadow of 1, -1, 37 and 2.

Add wordart placing at the top of the frame. Give it the same drop shadow as the tube and resize by 85% if you wish to.

Open Element 58, resize by 20% and sharpen. Copy and paste the bow as a new layer and place in the middle of the frame at the top.

Add your name using Marketing Script using a gold gradient if you so wish.

Add copyright and save as a png.

Thats it we're done. Hope you enjoyed doing my tutorial, if you have any questions please feel free to email me.

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